miele washing machine stuck on programme cancelled

Miele Washing Machine Stuck on Programme Cancelled,

miele washing machine stuck on programme cancelled

Is the “Programme Cancelled” feature on your Miele washing machine giving you the headache?

You’re not alone, so don’t worry. It might be annoying when your reliable equipment stops working out of the blue.

But do not worry, we have assembled an extensive troubleshooting guide to assist you in getting your Miele washing machine operating properly again.

1. Check for Power Supply Issues:


Make sure your washing machine is getting a sufficient power supply first. Verify that the power outlet is operational and that the power cord is correctly plugged in. An easy power cycle can fix the problem occasionally.


2. Check the Panel for Controls:


Look for any obvious indications of damage or dysfunction on the control panel. To make sure the buttons are functioning correctly, firmly press them.

Should any buttons seem stuck or unresponsive, there can be a control panel issue that has to be fixed by a specialist.

3. Reset the Machine:


Most small issues can be fixed by just resetting the washing machine. Reset your Miele washing machine by unplugging it for a short while, plugging it back in, and attempting to begin a fresh cycle.


4. Check for Obstructions:


The Programme Cancelled error can occasionally be caused by hardware restrictions in the computer.

In order to determine whether debris or foreign items are impeding the normal operation of the drum and door seals, check them.


5. Review the User Manual:


Please consult the user manual that came with your Miele washing machine for detailed troubleshooting instructions and an explanation of any error codes.

The handbook might include advice on how to handle the Programme Cancelled problem or provide the customer support contact details.


6.Contact Miele Customer Support:


It’s time to contact Miele’s customer service if you’ve attempted the aforementioned solutions and the issue is still not resolved.

They can arrange for a service visit if needed and offer knowledgeable advice.

7. Consider Professional Repair:


Avoid trying any DIY repairs on your washing machine if it is still covered by warranty, since this could void it.

For expert assistance, get in touch with Miele’s authorized service facility instead. Their proficiency and equipment enable them to identify and resolve intricate problems with your device.



It can be annoying to deal with an Miele washing machine that is stuck on Programme Cancelled, but with the correct troubleshooting techniques, you can usually fix the problem and quickly resume enjoying clean laundry.

When doing any do-it-yourself repairs, keep safety as your top priority and don’t be afraid to get professional assistance if necessary. You may get your Miele washing machine operating efficiently again if you are persistent and patient.

Miele w1 washing machine

Miele W1 (WMB120) washing machine has programme cancelled



I have a frustrating problem with my Miele W1 (WMB120) washing machine. I’m unable to get the display to go off “Programme Cancelled,” no matter how hard I try.

The system continues to have this issue even after being unplugged for an entire night; when it is plugged back in, it instantly goes back to the “Programme Cancelled” condition, making it unusable. My machine is less than three years old and is a front-loading model.

I have no idea how to fix this problem, which has been going on for a while. Any support would be much valued.


Can not turn off prog cancelled on brand new machine, nor open door. Miele W 1


My joy at opening my brand-new Miele W1 washing machine was soon replaced with irritation when I ran into a bewildering problem: the door latching shut and the dreaded “Programme Cancelled” notice refusing to budge.

The intransigent display continues to be unchanging, teasing me with its unchangeable condition despite my best attempts at troubleshooting and even resorting to frantically hitting buttons. I feel helpless and stuck in a loop of bewilderment, as though the system is cruelly playing a joke on me.

The laundry pile is getting bigger and bigger, and my patience is wearing thin. The absurdity of a cutting-edge gadget giving in to such a basic defect makes me wonder if there’s a straightforward fix lurking just out of reach.

For now, though, all I can do is stare at the unwavering display, dreaming of the day my brand-new Miele W1 washing machine will live up to its effortless laundry bliss promise.

miele washing machine stuck

How do I cancel a Programme on my Miele w1 washing machine?


By the following steps Miele w1 washing machine:


1. Press the “Stop” button: To end a program in the middle of a cycle, just press the “Stop” button on your Miele W1 washing machine’s control panel.


2. Hold down the “Stop” button: Press and hold the “Stop” button for a few seconds until the display shows that the program has been stopped. This will guarantee that the program has been correctly terminated.


3. When the program has been canceled, give the washing machine a time to unlock the door before waiting outside. This could take a few seconds, based on your Miele W1’s model.


4. Pull the door open with gentle force to gain access to your laundry after it has been opened. Because of the cancelled program, the inside may still be hot or damp when you open the door.


5. Take out the clothes: Take out your stuff from the washing machine with care, making sure nothing is left behind.


6. Restart or choose a different programme: You can choose a different programme or restart the washing process by closing the door, choosing the appropriate settings on the control panel, and then hitting the “Start” button.

By following these simple steps, you can easily cancel a programme on your Miele W1 washing machine and regain control over your laundry routine.




1. Why is my Miele washing machine showing “Programme Cancelled”?


A: Your Miele washing machine may display the “Programme Cancelled” notice for a number of reasons, such as internal malfunctions, problems with the door sensor, or power outages. To fix the problem, the particular reason must be investigated.

2. How can I troubleshoot a Miele washing machine stuck on “Programme Cancelled”?


A: Make sure the door is firmly closed and inspect the power supply first. Try resetting the machine by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in if the issue still occurs. If you still need help after trying these procedures, see the user manual or get in touch with Miele customer service.


3. Can I manually unlock the door if my Miele washing machine is stuck on “Programme Cancelled”?


A: Because Miele washing machines include safety mechanisms that are meant to prevent inadvertent opening while they are in use, it is often not possible to manually unlock the door when the machine is stuck on “Programme Cancelled”.

The best course of action is to seek expert assistance or adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended troubleshooting instructions.

4. Will unplugging my Miele washing machine overnight help clear the “Programme Cancelled” message?


A: Unplugging your Miele washing machine for the night might occasionally aid with system resets and minor bug fixes. However, it is advised to carry out more troubleshooting procedures or get in touch with Miele customer service for more advice if the problem still exists after unplugging and replugging the machine.

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