miele washing machine stuck on drain

miele washing machine stuck on drain explain in details:-




It might be annoying to have a washing machine that won’t go to the drain, especially if you have a ton of clothes that need to be washed.

Although Miele washing machines are renowned for their dependability, problems can occasionally arise with any appliance.

We’ll go over typical causes of Miele washing machine drain blockage in this troubleshooting article, along with fixes to get your machine back up and running.


Potential Reasons:

miele washing machine stuck on drain

1. clogged filter in the drain:


A blocked drain filter is the most frequent cause of a washing machine becoming stuck on the drain. Tiny items, coins, and other waste can build up over time and clog the filter.

This keeps the machine locked in the drain cycle by preventing water from draining properly.


2. Poor Pump for Drains:


An ineffective drain pump is another possible offender. The machine will stay stuck in the drain cycle if the pump is broken or clogged, making it impossible for it to remove water from the machine.


3. Blockage in the Drain Hose:


Improper water drainage can also be caused by a blockage in the drain hose. Look for any kinks, twists, or blockages in the hose that might be preventing the water from flowing.


4. Overloaded Machine:


Stuffing too many clothing into the washing machine will strain the drain pump and overwhelm it, which can lead to drainage problems.


Steps for Troubleshooting:


1. Check the drain filter first:Check the drain filter first:


Find the Miele washing machine’s drain filter and clear any obstructions or trash. For further instructions on how to access and clean the filter, consult the handbook that came with your machine.


2. Inspect the Drain Pump:


If clearing the drain filter doesn’t resolve the problem, you might need to look for clogs or damage indicators on the drain pump. Take out the pump and remove any possible obstruction-causing debris.


3. Examine the Drain Hose:


Look for any twists, kinks, or obstructions in the drain hose. To guarantee good drainage, straighten out any kinks and remove any obstacles.


4. Reduce the Load:


If you suspect that overloading is causing the issue, remove some clothes from the machine and try running the cycle again with a smaller load.


5. Reset the Machine:


Minor problems can sometimes be fixed by just resetting the washing machine. After a few minutes, unplug the machine from the power source, plug it back in, and attempt to repeat the procedure.




Although an Miele washing machine that is stuck on the drain might be an annoying issue, it is frequently simple to resolve with a little investigation.

You is capable of identifying the problem and restart your computer by following the instructions in this article.

Do not hesitate to get assistance from a qualified appliance repair technician if you are unable to handle the problem on your own.


miele washing machine drain fault.


I’ll give you a succinct response in bullet points:


1. Inspect the drain filter for any particles or obstructions.

2. Examine the drain pump for indications of obstruction or damage.

3. Make that there are no kinks, twists, or obstructions in the drain pipe.

4. If the machine is overloaded, lower the load as this may put strain on the drain pump.

5. You might try unplugging the washing machine for a short while and then plugging it back in to reset it.

6. For more help, get in touch with a qualified appliance repair technician if the problem continues.


Top 10 miele fault codes list:


1. Error Code F01: Water Supply Issue:


A. Indicates an issue with the machine’s water supply.

B. Inspect water intake hoses for obstructions or kinks.

C. Verify that all water supply valves are open and unobstructed.


2. Error Code F11: Drainage Issue:Error Code F11: Drainage Issue:


A. Points to an issue with the machine’s water drainage.

B. Look for kinks, twists, or obstructions in the drain hose.

C. Check the drain pump for any obstructions or issues.


3. Error Code F13: Temperature Sensor Fault:


A. Indicates that there is a temperature sensor issue.

B. Make sure the temperature sensor is intact and firmly affixed.

C. If required, swap out the temperature sensor.


4.Error Code F17: Water Level Error:


A. Suggests a problem with the machine’s water level.

B. Verify that the water inlet valve is operating properly.

C. Check for obstructions in the air chamber and pressure switch.


5. Error Code F53: Motor Control Fault:


A. Suggests that there may be an issue with the motor or motor control unit.

B. Inspect motor connections for damage or loose wires.

C. If necessary, replace the motor or motor control unit.


6. Error Code F63: Heater Relay Fault:


A. Suggests that there is a heater relay issue.

B. Inspect heater relay connections for damage or loose wires.

C. If necessary, replace the heater relay.


7. Error Code F70: Waterproof System Activated:


A. Indicates that the waterproof system has found a water leak.

B. Examine the machine’s internal components and connections for leakage.

C. Reset the waterproof system and take care of any leaks.


8. Error Code F84: Flowmeter Fault:


A. This indicates that there is a flowmeter issue.

B.  Inspect the flowmeter connections for damage or loose wires.

C. If required, replace the flowmeter.


9. Error Code F85: Lid Lock Fault:


A. Points to a potential issue with the lid lock mechanism.

B. Make that the lid closes firmly and latches correctly.

C. If needed, replace the lid lock mechanism.


10. Error Code F91: Communication Error:


A. suggests a problem with component communication.

B. Verify the wire connections made by the control board to other parts.

C.  Restart the device and keep an eye out for further problems.


Remember to consult the user manual for further troubleshooting instructions or get in touch with Miele customer care if your Miele washing machine displays any of these problem codes.


Q1. how to reset miele washing machine?

how to reset miele washing machine

1. Power Off:


Press the power button or unplug the washing machine from the power source to make sure it is turned off.


2. Wait:


To guarantee a thorough reset, let the machine run in the off position for at least one or two minutes.


3. Power On:


Press the power button or re-plug the washing machine into the power source to turn it on once you’ve waited.


4. Reset:


For around five to ten seconds, press and hold the “Start” button or the corresponding reset button on the control panel.


5. Release:


Press and hold the button until the machine’s indicator lights or display panel reset or restart.


6. Test:


Make sure the reset worked by starting a fresh wash cycle or performing a test cycle to verify whether the problem has been fixed.


These instructions will enable you to successfully reset your Miele washing machine and maybe fix any minor problems or faults that it might be having. If the issue continues, see the user handbook for more troubleshooting techniques or get in touch with Miele customer service for advice.


Q2. Why is my washing machine stuck on draining?

Why is my washing machine stuck on draining

Here’s concise answer in bullet points:


1. Clogged drain filter:


Tiny items, coins, and lint can build up and clog the filter, making it difficult for water to drain.


2. Defective drain pump:


Should the pump be impaired or clogged, it will not be able to adequately drain water from the machine, which will keep it trapped in the drain cycle.


2.  Drain hose blockage:


Water flow might be impeded by kinks, twists, or obstructions in the drain hose, leading to drainage problems.


3. Overloaded machine:


When a washing machine is overloaded, the drain pump may become strained and unable to handle the load, leading to drainage issues.


Q3. My miele washing machine is showing F92 Drain….how do I fix?


Certainly!This is a quick guide that includes instructions for fixing the F92 Drain problem on an Miele washing machine:


1. Inspect for blockages:


Look for any debris or obstructions that might be obstructing the flow of water in the drain hose, pump, and filter.


2. Clean the drain filter:


Take off the drain filter and give it a thorough cleaning to make sure there are no clogs or buildups.


3. Clear the drain pump:


To ensure appropriate drainage, remove any debris or obstacles from the drain pump if it is clogged or not working properly.


4. Check the drain hose:


Look for any kinks, twists, or clogs in the drain hose and straighten or unclog any that may be there.


5. Reset the machine:


To reset the system, turn off the washing machine and wait a few minutes before turning it back on. This easy step can sometimes resolve error codes such as F92.


6. Contact Miele support:


It is advised to get in touch with Miele customer service or a professional technician for additional help and diagnosis if the problem still exists after completing these procedures.

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