miele washing machine drain fault

miele washing machine drain fault

miele washing machine drain fault



Washing machines made by Miele are known for their dependability and effectiveness. But over time, just like any appliance, they may have problems; drain malfunctions are among the most frequent. A drain fault arises when the washing machine can’t adequately empty the water throughout the wash cycle, which causes issues with the washing procedure.

We’ll examine the causes, symptoms, diagnosis techniques, and preventative steps for Miele washing machine drain issues in this post.


Common Causes of Drain Faults


Blockages in the Drain Hose:


Blockages in the drain hose are one of the main causes of drain problems in Miele washing machines. The accumulation of hair, lint, and other objects in the hose over time might impede the water flow.


Faulty Drain Pump:


A broken drain pump is yet another cause of drain issues. During the drain cycle, the machine’s water must be removed by the drain pump. Water may not be evacuated efficiently if it gets clogged or malfunctions, which could cause drainage problems.


Issues with the Drain Filter:


By keeping foreign things out of the drain pump, the drain filter keeps the pump from getting damaged. On the other hand, debris buildup in the filter might obstruct water flow and cause drain problems.


Signs of Drain Faults:


It’s critical to recognize the warning indications of a drain problem in order to act quickly and save additional harm to your Miele washing machine.


Error Codes:


Error code displays are included into Miele washing machines to notify users of possible problems. The error codes F11, F12, and F13 are frequently linked to drain issues.


Water Remaining in the Drum:


After the wash cycle is over, if there is still water in the drum, there may be a drainage issue. This may result in mold development, musty smells, and garment deterioration.


Unusual Noises During Drain Cycle:


A defective drain pump or blockage in the drain hose may be indicated by an unusual noise, like grinding or rattling, during the drain cycle.


How to Troubleshoot Miele Washing Machine Drain Faults?


Check for blockages:


Check for clogs in the drain hose first. After disconnecting the hose from the machine and the drain pipe, search for debris with a flashlight.


Inspect the Drain Pump:


Next, look for any indications of damage or clogs on the drain pump. See the handbook provided by the manufacturer for instructions on finding and reaching the pump.


Clean the Drain Filter:


Take out the drain filter and give it a good cleaning to get rid of any collected gunk. After removing any remaining residue with a brush or cloth, rinse the filter under running water.

DIY Solutions for Drain Faults:

Miele washing machine drain fault filter

Clearing Blockages:


If clogs are found in the pump or drain hose, try using a plunger or pipe cleaner to clear them. Take care during cleaning so as not to harm the components.


Replacing the Drain Pump:


It could be necessary to replace the drain pump if it is irreparably damaged. To replace the pump, seek advice from a competent technician or consult the manufacturer’s instructions.


Cleaning the Drain Filter:


To keep drainage functioning at its best and avoid future obstructions, clean the drain filter on a regular basis. Include it in your regular maintenance routine to guarantee hassle-free washing cycles.


When to Seek Professional Help:


If you’re not confident in your ability to execute repairs or if DIY troubleshooting methods don’t work to fix the drain fault, you should contact a qualified specialist for assistance. If intricate repairs are attempted without the requisite knowledge, it may result in additional harm or safety risks.


Preventive Maintenance Tips


Regular Cleaning:


To avoid dirt, lint, and soap residue accumulation, keep the washing machine and its parts clean. To keep the detergent dispenser, door seal, and drum clean and functional, wipe them down on a regular basis.


Using the Right Detergent:


To keep your Miele washing machine operating at its best and avoid soap scum accumulation, use premium detergent. To prevent overuse, adhere to the detergent dose recommendations provided by the manufacturer.


Avoiding Overloading:


Laundry overloading the washing machine can cause strain on the machine and drainage problems, so try to avoid doing this. To guarantee complete cleaning and appropriate drainage, adhere to the suggested load capacity for every wash cycle.




To sum up, determining and addressing drain issues in Miele washing machines involves prompt intervention, preventive maintenance, and careful inspection.

Through comprehension of the typical reasons, indicators, and diagnostic techniques described in this piece, you may efficiently handle drain issues and increase the longevity of your equipment.


My miele washing machine is showing F92 Drain….how do I…


A drainage problem is indicated by the error code F92 Drain on your Miele washing machine. First things first, see whether there are any obstructions in the drain hose or pump. Get rid of any anything that might be preventing the water from flowing.

Next, make sure there are no obstructions and the drain filter is clean. After trying these troubleshooting procedures and the issue still doesn’t go away, it’s best to get in touch with a qualified specialist for more help and repairs.


Why Is My Miele Washer Not Draining?


There could be a few reasons why your Miele washer isn’t draining. A clogged drain hose or pump is a common reason that might impede the machine’s ability to evacuate water. Furthermore, a broken drain filter or a damaged drain pump could also be the cause.

It’s critical to inspect these parts for damage or obstructions. Resetting or modifying the machine could be necessary in case of an error in its programming or settings. It’s recommended to get expert assistance to identify and fix the problem if you’ve ruled out these potential causes and your washer isn’t draining.


Why is my Miele washing machine not draining?


There could be a number of reasons why your Miele washing machine isn’t draining. First, as these can impede water flow, look for any clogs or obstructions in the drain hose or pump. Another possible cause could be a clogged drain filter or a broken drain pump.

Furthermore, make sure the machine is level; an uneven surface may interfere with drainage. If none of these fixes resolve the problem, there might be a mechanical problem that needs to be fixed by an expert.


Why is the drain light flashing on my Miele washing machine?


A drainage issue is usually indicated by a flashing drain light on your Miele washing machine. This can be the result of a blocked drain filter, a broken drain pump, or a clogged drain line or pump. To guarantee appropriate water flow, look for any blockages in the hose or pump and clean the drain filter.

It is recommended to seek assistance from a competent expert to identify and resolve the underlying cause of the flashing drain light if troubleshooting fails to resolve the issue.


Why is the drain light flashing on my Miele washing machine?


1. A drainage problem is indicated by your Miele washing machine’s flashing drain light.

2. A blocked drain filter, a broken drain pump, or a clogged drain line or pump are some potential causes.

3.  To guarantee appropriate water flow, look for obstacles in the hose or pump and clean the drain filter.

4. Seek assistance from a competent technician for additional diagnosis and problem-solving if the issue continues.

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