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How to Fix Your Miele Washing Machine: A Comprehensive Guide

Miele washing machines are well known for their cutting-edge features, dependability, and efficiency. But much like any appliance, they occasionally have problems. Do not panic if you are experiencing issues with your Miele washing machine. There are simple answers to a lot of everyday issues. You will learn how to resolve some of the most common problems by following this course.

1. Miele Washing Machine Not Starting


When you push the power button, your machine does not respond or start up.



  1. Check the power supply.

Verify that the outlet is operational and that the machine is plugged in. You can plug in another appliance to test the outlet.

Inspect the Door:

If the door is not closed all the way, the machine will not turn on. To make sure the door is locked, firmly open and close it.

Check the Fuse or Circuit Breaker:

Examine the circuit breaker or fuse box in your house if the machine still will not start. If required, change the fuse or reset the breaker.

2. Miele Washing Machine Not Draining


After the wash cycle is over, there is still water in the drum.


Clean the Filter:

Find the drain filter, which is often located at the machine’s front bottom. Crack it open and take out any lint or trash.

Check the Drain Hose:

Verify that the hose is not kinked or obstructed. After disconnecting it from the drain, give it a water flush.

Examine the Pump:

The drain pump may be the problem if the filter and hose are clear. A humming sound may indicate that the machine is trying to drain. Should you hear nothing, it may be time to replace the pump.

Miele Washing Machine Not Spinning


Either the machine spins very slowly or not at all.


Balance the Load:

The machine may not spin if the load is imbalanced. Rearrange the garments, open the door, and give it another go.

Check for instructions:

Make sure nothing is wedged between the door seal and the drum.

Inspect  the Drive belt.

The drive belt may be worn out or broken if the machine still does not spin. You can reach the belt from the machine’s back and change it if needed.

4. Miele Washing Machine Making Unusual Noises


When the machine is operating, it produces strange or loud noises.

Remove foreign objects:

Look within the drum for any foreign things that might be making noise, such as buttons or coins.

Check the bearings:

loud noises caused by worn drum bearings. It is advisable to contact a professional if you think this is the problem, as bearing replacement can be difficult.

Tighten loose Parts:

Check and tighten any loose screws or pieces on the machine.

5. Miele Washing Machine Displaying Error Codes


The gadget produces incoherent fault code.


  1. Refer to the Manual:

Error codes may point to certain issues. To find out what the code signifies, refer to your user handbook and do the suggested actions.

Reset the Machine:

Sometimes error codes can be cleared with a simple reset. After turning off, disconnect the machine, wait a short while, and then plug it back in.

Call Customer Support:

Ask for assistance from Miele customer service if you are unable to fix the problem.


General Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your Miele washing machine operating at peak efficiency. Here are some pointers:

Clean the Drum and Door Seal:

To avoid mold and mildew, clean the drum and door seal on a regular basis.

Descale the Machine:

To periodically get rid of limescale accumulation, use a descaling chemical.

Run Maintenance Washes:

To keep the drum clean, run an empty wash cycle with hot water and a small amount of detergent once a month.

When to Call a Professional

While certain issues necessitate expert assistance, many issues may be resolved with little troubleshooting. It’s
preferable to contact a qualified Miele specialist if you are uneasy doing repairs or if there is a significant issue with your machine.


Although an Miele washing machine is a sturdy and dependable device, problems may occasionally arise. You may save time and money by using this tutorial to troubleshoot and fix many common problems yourself. Your Miele washing machine will continue to serve you effectively for many years to come if you provide it with routine maintenance and prompt repairs.

Always put safety first! Prior to making any repairs, make sure your machine is unplugged. When in doubt, get expert assistance to prevent breaking your item or hurting yourself. Have fun doing the laundry!



how to fix miele washing machine waterproof fault?

The steps below can be used to fix an Miele washing machine that has a “waterproof fault”:

Turn Off and Unplug:

Without delay, disconnect the device from the power source and turn it off.

Check for Leaks:

Check for any obvious water leaks on the apparatus. Inspect the drum seal, connections, and hoses.

Drain excess Water:

If there is any water in the machine, manually empty it by opening the bottom filter container or by utilizing the emergency drain feature.

Clean the filter.

To make sure it is not obstructed, remove and clean the filter at the machine’s bottom front.

Reset the fault:

Restart the device by plugging it back in and holding down the start button for roughly six seconds, or until the error is resolved.

Test the machine:

Perform a brief cycle to see if the issue reappears. Keep an eye out for mistakes or leaks.

For additional help, get in touch with Miele customer service or a qualified technician if the issue continues.

How do I fix miele Miele W2104 washing machine rinses light flashing?

The rinses light on an Miele W2104 washing machine may be fixed by doing the following:

  1. Check the Water Supply:

Make sure the water pressure is sufficient and the water entry valve is fully open.

Clean the inlet Filter:

After disconnecting the water supply hose, clear any obstructions from the inlet filter.

Inspect the drainage.

Verify that the drain pump is operating correctly and that the drain hose is not kinked or obstructed.

Clean the Drain pump Filter:

Clean the drain pump filter compartment located at the machine’s front bottom after opening it.

Reset the machine.

After turning it off and unplugging it, let it a few minutes before plugging it back in and starting it again.

For more diagnosis and repair, get in touch with Miele customer service or a qualified technician if the rinses light keeps flashing.




fix miele vacuum cleaner?

The following actions should be taken to fix an Miele vacuum cleaner:

Check the power supply.

Make sure the vacuum is connected to the outlet and that it is working.

Replace the bag.
Replace the dust bag with a new one if the vacuum has a full bag indicator.

Clean the Filters:
The exhaust and pre-motor filters should both be cleaned or replaced as needed.

Check for Blockages:
Check for obstructions and remove any debris from the tubes, brush head, and hose.

Inspect the Brush Roll:
Examine the brush roll to make sure it rotates freely and to remove any tangled hair or threads.
Should the vacuum cleaner continue to malfunction, get in touch with Miele customer service or get it fixed by a professional.



How to fix miele washing machine waterproof fault front load?

How to Fix Miele Washing Machine Waterproof Fault (Front Load)

  1. Turn Off and Unplug:

To guarantee safety, turn off the machine right away and unhook it from the power source.

Check for Leaks:
Look for any indications of leaks in the connections, door seals, and hoses. Adjust or swap out any broken components.

Clean the Filter: 

The filter is often located around the machine’s front bottom. Find it and give it a thorough cleaning. Clear out any obstructions or debris.

Reset the Machine:

To reset the system, re-plug the device, press the “Start/Stop” button while maintaining pressure on the “Power” button.

Run a Test Cycle:

Start a blank cycle to see if the error still occurs. If the problem persists, additional examination or expert repair may be required.

Consult the Manual:

 For further troubleshooting instructions about the waterproof problem, consult the user handbook.

Contact Support:

 For expert assistance, get in touch with Miele customer service if the issue is not fixed.


Note: Before doing any repairs, always disconnect the power to maintain safety.

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